You've already heard on how effective Pilates can be in both preventative and rehabilitative care. You'd love to learn more, but you're already maxed out on treating patients, let alone having some extra time for you to learn and move yourself. 

We can help.

Embody School of Pilates and Indepth Physiotherapy are teaming up to deliver an accelerated program for movement specialists just like you who want to learn the Classical Pilates Method. 

Accelerated does not mean "watered down" but rather we recognize that you already have a large amount of transferrable skills that makes teaching Pilates very effective. 

Who is this for? You already have an undergraduate degree in kinesiology, dance, athletic therapy or equivalent. You likely already work with patients and clients and have a strong anatomical background. You have a strong movement background and can handle loads amount of information in an immersive setting.


We are already well known for having one of the most robust Teacher-training programs in the country so we are very experienced in delivering a high standard of Pilates Education. The same standard and expectations will be applied with this program, but the difference is that you are entering this program with a high level of education and transferrable skills. *Note that is program is NOT our licensed Diploma program (it's more of a super intensive training for professionals) and therefore International students are not eligible to apply.

This program is 450 hours long and completed over a 12 month period. There is a theory component (both in person and online) where you’ll learn over 500 plus exercises on all Classical Pilates apparatus and mat and develop the art of teaching over 4 condensed Modules. In addition, you'll benefit and learn in the following ways: 


Over the course of a 4, 4 Day modules, you'll learn the Classical Pilates syllabus Levels 1-5 on all apparatus, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, and Mat


You will have access to a Virtual Textbook, an online database, video and notes of each exercise. Perfect to help you prepare for your practical lecture modues and you can study anytime, anywhere, on your own schedule.


There’s an extensive internship including observation, practice teaching, self practice, lessons, and self study hours. This is where you take a "hands on" approach and physically embody the material.


5 hours of Practice Teaching alongside an experienced Teacher. This will help clarify the details, ensure you’re keeping you and your clients safe, and help you become the teacher you were meant to be. 


An excellent way to apply what you’ve learned, working with a client for a set amount of time and writing a final paper about your experience.


There are 3 written and 4 practical exams during the program to test what you know and bring insight to where you need to grow.

"I went searching for Pilates programs, not just to benefit myself, but to gain more exercise ideas for clients. But I have to say that since taking my Pilates training, it has absolutely TRANSFORMED my practice. Not only is Pilates a movement system, but it is designed to be accessible for anyone."

 - Dani West, PT, MScPT, BA Dance, Physiotherapist, Owner Indepth Physio


  • Program starts virtually with online preparation commencing June 5, 2020
  • Module 1: July 9-12
  • Module 2: Aug 13-16
  • Module 3: Nov 5-8
  • Module 4: Dec 10-13
  • Final Retreat: TBD
  • All of the Modules will be held in person at Embody Pilates in Canmore.


  • Thursday 12pm-6pm
  • Fridays 12pm-6pm
  • Saturdays 2pm-8pm
  • Sundays 10am-4pm
  • Students will also be required to complete lessons and internship hours both in Canmore and in their hometown with a certified teacher

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our Summer 2020 course was postponed until further notice. We will be updating this page once we have new dates confirmed, hopefully in 2021. Thanks for your understanding. :)


Your Investment

Full Tuition: $4999 + GST. Full payment, which includes all education, use of studio for internship hours, online resources, and all examination fees. Students may pay 12 monthly instalments. This option includes a $400 financing fee making the total cost of the program $5399 + GST. 

Additional costs: Lessons are not included in tuition but are required for course completion. Students are required to take 75 lessons during their internship: 40 of these lessons must be completed at Embody Pilates and 35 may be taken with a certifed teacher in the student’s hometown. These will be a combination of mat, equipment, semi-private and private lessons so the cost can vary. Trainee lesson packages are also available at a discounted rate and a detailed breakdown of these packages can be obtained from Embody Pilates. 


It is the student’s responsibility to find accommodations for their stay either for the 4 day modules in Canmore. We do have discount codes for neighbouring hotels (subject to availability).

How to apply? 

Prospective students for this accelerated program will hold an undergratudate degree in either Kinesiology, Dance, Athletic Therapy, or equivalent. Students should be strong movers or have a deep understanding of their body’s capabilities. Due to the intimate and immersive nature of this program, class enrollment is limited.

Admission Requirements 

1. Submit an application form with a non-refundable $150.00 application fee. Should the student be accepted into the program, this fee will count towards their $500 deposit to reserve their space.

2. Complete an interview with Bonny-Lynn Russell &/or Dani West. The applicant must demonstrate passion for teaching, strong work ethic and willingness to learn.

4. The applicant exhibit a strong movement background and have adequate knowledge of what her/his body’s capabilities are.

5. Have University level Anatomy course completion or equivalent.

6. Have an Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology, Dance, Athletic Therapy or equivalent. 

Still have questions? 

Contact Dani West at or Bonny-Lynn Russell at

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